Principal Investigator - Dr. Eakta Jain

Eakta Jain

Eakta Jain is an Assistant Professor of Computer and Information Science and Engineering at the University of Florida. She received her PhD and MS degrees in Robotics from Carnegie Mellon University, working in the Graphics Lab. Her B.Tech. degree is in Electrical Engineering from IIT Kanpur. She has worked in industrial research at Texas Instruments R&D labs, Disney Research Pittsburgh, and the Walt Disney Animation Studios. Eakta’s research interests are in building human-centered computer graphics algorithms to create and manipulate artistic content, including traditional hand animation, comic art, and films. Her work has been presented at venues such as ACM SIGGRAPH, and has won multiple awards.

Current Students

Ph.D. / M.S.

Pallavi Raiturkar

Research interests: Eyetracking, Computer Vision, Algorithms, Video Processsing, Virtual Reality

Courses: CAP5705 Computer Graphics, CAP5108 Research Methods for HCC, COP5536 Advanced Data Structures, EEE6512 Image Processing and Computer Vision, EEL6825 Pattern Recognition

Yuzhu Dong

Research interests: animation, computer graphics, virtual character, virtual reality, human computer interaction, machine learning

Courses: CIS6930 Virtual Reality, CAP5705 Computer Graphics, CAP5108 Research Methods for HCC, COP5536 Advanced Data Structures, EEE6512 Image Processing and Computer Vision, EEL6825 Pattern Recognition, EEL5934 Computational Photography, EEL6841 Machine Intelligence

Sachin Paryani

Research interests: Eyetracking, Virtual Reality, Computer Graphics, Game Design

Courses:CAP5108 Research Methods for HCC, DIG6788C Digital Production and Game Design, CAP5705 Computer Graphics, COP5536 Advanced Data Structures, COP5615 Distributed Operating Systems Principles

Madhusudan Govindraju

Research interests: Computer Vision, Machine Vision

Courses: EEL6825 Pattern Recognition, EEE6512 Image processing Computer Vision, EEL5840 Elements of Machine Intelligence, EEL5934 Computational Photography

Archana Nagarajan

Research interests: Algorithms, Virtual Reality

Courses: COT5405 Algorithms, COP5536 Advanced Data Structures

Chaitra Yangandul

Research Interest: Computer Vision, Eye-Tracking, Human-Computer Interaction, Usability

Courses: CEN5726 Natural User Interaction, COT5405 Analysis Of Algorithms, CIS6905 Individual Study (Human-Centered Computing) under Dr. Jain


Kartik Chaturvedi

Technical and research interests: NodeJS, React, GulpJS, Bootstrap, UX/UI Design, Virtual Reality, User Interaction

Courses: CIS4930 iOS Swift Development, CNT4007C Network Fundamentals, COP4600 Operating Systems, NodeJS Developer Course (Udemy), React Web Developer Course (Udemy), Development with GulpJS (Udemy)

Matthew Pearson

Research interests: Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence

Courses: CIS4930 Human Computer Interaction, CAP4053 AI for Video Games, CEN4072 Software Verification, COT3100 Data Structures, EEL3701 Digital Logic

Spring 2017 Lab Team

Summer 2016 Lab Team

Research Opportunities

Graduate Students:TA/RA positions are available. We are also looking for summer students. Please email to ask for a meeting (in person/Skype/phone) if you are interested in this area. For our meeting, please come prepared to discuss three ideas that you’d like to work on. If you have a hobby or a favorite science-fiction book, we’ll talk about that too.
Undergraduate Students:Please check the Center for Undergraduate Research page. Opportunities are advertized via the CURBS Research Opportunities page. Also, join the Facebook group. For any questions, please email to set up a meeting.
New Check out the Computer Engineering Undergraduate Research page.

Past Students

Lavanya Chennupatti

Andrew Lee
(University Scholar 2015, pursuing PhD at Duke University)

Melissa Franklin

Caleb Bryant

Isaac Manjarres
(Visiting Student, CMU)

Julian Tolentino

Isabella Cuba
(DREU, Vasser College)


Kai Lee (Ph.D. committee, chaired by Asst. Prof. Alireza Entezari)

Aishat Aloba (PhD committee, chaired by Asst. Prof. Lisa Anthony)

Alex Shaw (PhD committee, chaired by Asst. Prof. Lisa Anthony)

Sanethia Thomas (Ph.D. committee, chaired by Prof. Juan Gilbert)

Dhruv Mahajan (M.S. committee, chaired by Prof. Sanjay Ranka)

Shashank Ranjan (M.S. committee, chaired by Asst. Prof. Corey Toler-Franklin)

Michael Borish (Ph.D. committee, chaired by Prof. Benjamin Lok)

Jae Woong Lee (Ph.D. committee, chaired by Prof. Sumi Helal)

Andrew Robb (Ph.D. committee, chaired by Prof. Benjamin Lok)

Previous Committees:

  • Ph.D. Thesis Committee
    • Abhishek Chhetri, University of Texas at Dallas
    • Michael Borish
    • Jae Woong Lee
    • Andrew Robb
  • Masters Thesis Committee
    • Xuehan Xiong, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Qualifiers Committee
    • Laura Trutoiu, Carnegie Mellon University